Tank 1990

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Remember Super Tank 1990, Game Tank Battle City? Now the super tank has added a more gorgeous new super mode, as well as a more exciting and challenging mode. All kinds of super hard points are waiting for your challenge on your Android phone!

How do classic 90 tanks design their own checkpoints
1. Each pass will win a star;
2. More joy and more memories await your discovery
3. Key response, real-time feedback control state
4. Add WiFi connection function to pass with friends;
5. Before each game, you can exchange stars for life and firepower. Five stars are worth one life; Five stars increase the firepower once;

Review of classic mode
This game is a modified version of the classic arcade game Nintendo's NES battle city tank battle. For example, the enemy's tanks can also eat prizes! In this game, players operating a tank must destroy all the enemy tanks controlled by computers and protect their bases.
In the game, the icon of the base is an eagle. There are 20 enemy tanks in each level. If his base and eagle are shot, or all the players' tanks are destroyed, the game will be terminated.
There are 20 levels in total. All battlefield areas are 13 times 13. The terrain and obstacles of each level are different. Come and play, everyone. I hope this game can remind you of your interesting childhood and carefree time!

Classic 90 tank war player evaluation
The name of the tank war probably comes from the game in the Fc era. This game should be the one transplanted, and its content is basically the same as that I played, at least restoring my childhood memories in content.
However, although I thought of the rocker operation, I didn't expect that the determination area of the rocker was so outrageous. I could even determine it when I clicked between the rocker and the right shooting button.
In addition, I feel that for this game, the operability and comfort of the rocker is not as good as that of the key operation, and error operation is too easy to occur, because it is an old game (?), Therefore, the full screen mobile phone will leave a large space twice, which is quite uncomfortable. I hope it can be adapted as soon as possible

Classic 90 Tank Collection of all the props that can be received
Lightning shield: In the original version, players will be invincible for a certain period of time after picking it up. However, this work has its own shield and no time limit.
Foreign Gun: After being picked up, it becomes a super bullet, which can pierce steel and kill enemies more efficiently.
Five pointed stars: after picking up, the shooting speed is accelerated, and picking up three five pointed stars can become super bullets.
Bomb: After picking it up, the enemy tanks in the whole field can explode, but the enemy will explode after picking it up.
Timing: It can make all tanks in a fixed state within a certain time.
Horn: It can make your base protected by steel for a certain period of time.